Interflex: from metal trade to temporary employment sector

Kerkhof Interflex was founded in 2007 under the name Kerkhof Schroot.

Founder Jozef Kerkhof originally bought up old metals in addition to his "normal job". He came up with the idea to start his own company and because he wanted to provide his customers with an extra service, he started to provide personnel as well. There were quite a few customers who urgently needed this. In 2008 the roles were reversed and the priority was to supply good and qualified personnel in the technology, as well as buying up metals.

Slowly but surely, Jozef Kerkhof has expanded this further and increasingly focused on temporary staffing, payrolls and secondment of personnel. In 2019 Kerkhof Interflex entered into a partnership with the Blue Services Group Interflex regarding recruitment and selection and Blue, which in turn takes on the role of employer.

Blue Services Group is a member of NBBU, VCU and NEN 4400-1 certified.


Service at home and abroad

We provide our services in the technical sector, transport, shipping and recently also production.

We have a relatively small, but loyal, group of customers who are very satisfied with our services.

Kerkhof Interflex also has a department abroad, which is also NEN 4400-2 certified and where we select and recruit employees.

All foreign employees are therefore tested for professional competence on site.

Key to success

Our motto is: be selective and don't think 'inside heads that trade'. Do what you promise. Be honest and be good to your staff. Select appropriately and do not be afraid to put on the work shoes yourself. Help your staff where necessary, even if that means that you have to roll up your sleeves yourself. Visit your employees at their work location and don't make them feel like they are just a number. ”

Get started via Kerkhof Interflex or are you looking for staff?

Kerkhof Interflex does not intend to become mega big, that does not benefit the quality that our customers expect and that we want to deliver. Kerkhof Interflex is always looking for good professionals, such as turners, both conventional and CNC, welders, bench workers, carpenters, excavators, etc. And of course for companies that would like to see these professionals join their team. So do you want to get started via Kerkhof Interflex or do you have a shortage of employees? Please contact Jozef. He is happy to tell you about the options.